KABOUNCE is a, team versus team, third person multiplayer pinball game where you control the ball.

Two teams compete in a best of three format. In each round players bounce and ricochet off bumpers to claim them and collect points, or steal points from their opponents with an array of pick ups. Collected points need to be delivered at the goal to score. At the end of each round, the highest scoring team wins!

Development time September 1st, 2015 – present
2-3 days a week
Main role Programmer
Team size 14 Tools used Unreal Engine 4
Visual Studio 2015
Department size 5 Personal Main Objective To focus on UI and feedback systems

When I joined the team, the game was still a product of a GameJam, which meant that the code was quite the mess. It prevented new features and even tweaks form being made easily. Together with the other programmer we decided to recreate the project again from scratch. I then designed a new code architecture for, so that creating new objects and features would be much easier. I made use of the component system from Unreal Engine to make it easy for the designers to create new objects by simply combining these components, and by exposing all settings for them to tweak.

After the first block we got two additional programmers, they took over the pickup system that I created and implemented new ones. I then started working on the HUD and feedback systems, while also being involved with the gameplay, and fixing bugs.

The game is still in development, and will be released when it’s ready. You can check us out on Steam.