GGJ 2016

I participated during the Global Game Jam 2016 with a team of 8 where we worked on the game No Flux Given. No Flux Given is a Battle Royale game that takes place in an area that exists in 4 different dimensions. Each dimention has portals in them that lead to the others. The players search through the area and try to hunt each other down. The players can only shoot each other when they are in the same dimension, though there is also an after-image of each of them walking around in the other dimensions. You can’t see which one is the real opponent, and even if they shoot the real one. You’d have to take out all of the after-images before you can finally beat your target for good.

Development time 2 days Main role Gameplay Programmer
Team size 8 Tools used Unreal Engine 4.10
Department size 2 Personal Main Objective To have a playable and enjoyable game by the end of the event

The theme of the Global Game Jam was Ritual. Many ideas were put on the table; blood rituals, celebrations, dark magic, being the offer of a ritual, ruins left from old rituals, etc..

I hadn’t made a networked game with Unreal Engine before, so I wasn’t too confident we would be able to pull it off well within the time limit, but I’m happy with how things turned out. The Unreal engine manages most of the difficult things, like movement and spawning new objects, replicating them over the network,and these kinds of things. We just had to put them together.

I did some iterations over character movement and control, making both third person and first person movement and camera. We decided to use the third person for the game, because it gave more of an overview over the level, and it made things easier for the artists.

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