Monskey Hunt

Monskey Hunt is a mobile game designed for children. Along with the game the player should have 9 cards with a different Monskey on one side, and a QR code on the other side. The parents, or whoever is hosting a game, can hide these cards around the house or playground, then the players try to find each of these cards as fast as possible. When a card is found the QR code can be scanned, and a piece for the current theme and a Monskey sticker are awarded. Sometimes a puzzle needs to be solved in order to get them. Finding all 9 stickers and pasting them in the final board will finish the game. The first one doing so wins.

Development time 7 days Main role Gameplay Programmer (tech lead)
Team size 10 Tools used Unity3D 4.6
Visual Studio 2013 (C#)
Department size 2 Personal Main Objective To have a complete game at the end

70 thoughts on “Monskey Hunt

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